At i2Consulting we offer a number of Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment services. The main difference being that penetration tests tend to be in more depth from an attack perspective, whereas vulnerability assessments take a look at your infrastructure and OS level patches and vulnerabilities arising from these.

Penetration Tests offered include network penetration tests, application penetration tests and wireless penetration tests. We also offer a number of different levels of testing as our experience has shown some customers require a 'full' test and others require more of an 'assurance' level of testing.

'Assurance Level' testing tends to be a quick check of a network or website looking for any major or obvious vulnerabilities.

'Full' testing is as the name implies and will check in-depth for both obvious and not so obvious vulnerabilities. 'Full' testing by its nature will take alot longer.

Network Penetration Testing

We will test firewalls, routers, switches and network protection devices such as IDS or IPS. OS version vulnerabilities along with data packet vulnerabilities and encryption issues will be checked.

Web Application Penetration Testing

This type of testing is focused more on the application being offered and will check for sql injection (SQLi), cross site scripting (XSS), cross site request forgery (CSRF), URL manipulation, cookie and sessionid manipulation and site encryption levels to nmae just a few of the tests we run.

Wireless Penetration Testing

This type of testing is aimed at checking the security around wireless networks which are becoming more and more common these days. We will check how easy it is to break into your wireless network and also how easy it is to impersonate your network and steal information.

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